Joe Ades: The Union Square Peeler Salesman

February 5, 2009

It’s sad. I was walking to the subway after work recently on a warmer winter day, and heard Joe the Carrot Peeler salesman. I’d heard his pitch a few times, but never really stopped to listen fully or even take photos. I never bought a peeler, but now I wish I had. 

It’s interesting how one person who’s name you don’t even know can affect your daily routine. In the past year of my life, he became a staple to me, a constant when walking through the Greenmarket in Union Square. His presence to me was similar to the GreenPeace advocates lining 17th St. or the UHO Homeless collection tubs with the guy shouting, “Even a penny can help.” Do you know his name? That guy with the raspy voice on the corner of Union Square West and 14th St. I don’t. Yet, these nameless people shape our lives. 

RIP Joe Ades…your voice and presence will be missed. 

Joe Ades - RIP

Joe Ades - RIP


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