Rethinking Meat

March 26, 2009

I think this is why I don’t really like eating meat:


Absolutely disgusting. That’s probably why the corner deli smells like rotting and spoiled meat. After closing for a few months over the fall and winter, they reopened to a smelly start. They posted new advertisements for Halal meat, but what’s the point if it’s rotten? I think that’s what I miss about NJ – the fresh meat (and fresher and cheaper groceries in general). I love having a grocery store right next to me, but again, what’s the point if the fruit isn’t fresh….if the pork chops are smelly…and they sell expired eggs?? At least they take returns without much questioning. 

 Anyway, maybe those images will help you to rethink that next steak you’re about to eat. It’s not meant to be a guilt trip – what you choose to eat is your own business. Sometimes I crave a nice steak, but we really do have to think about where it’s from and how it’s prepared and transported. I support local restaurants like The Farm on Adderly and Pomme de Terre because I trust that their meat is organic, local, and fresh. But I won’t support meat that comes from the corner deli…at least around here.



March 15, 2009

Last night, I decided to celebrate my new job at a cafe that I had been dying to try called SALUD in Midwood, Brooklyn. I had read glowing reviews of this “Latin take on Organic Goodness” in a few blogs and wanted to try one of their smoothies. Unfortunately, I discovered that they accept CASH ONLY and didn’t have enough on me to try both a smoothie and a sandwich. I tried the “Chicken” salad sandwich ($5.95) and an African Autumn hot tea ($1.75), as well as a sip of the freshly squeezed apple juice ($3.95 for a small). I’m not a vegan or vegetarian, but I really enjoy tofu and soy products. The sandwich was very tasty. The faux-chicken salad was moist and tasted slightly tangy between a slightly dry wheat bread and fresh lettuce and tomato. The tea was good too. It reminded me of Tazo tea, but it was more fragrant and looked more handmade and original. The apple juice was extremely fresh, but seemed a bit overpriced for a small cup of juice. 

The atmosphere of this small/medium sized cafe was amazing. There were fake orchids on each table, and the yellow and teal colors complimented each other nicely. There were various seating choices (stools, folding chairs, cool teal boxes) and everything still seemed new. As soon as you walk in, you might smell strong and fragrant coffee. I thought it might have been the Mexican hot chocolate, as it smelled a bit sweet too. 

Overall, I really enjoyed SALUD – I wish I had enough cash to try a smoothie. I’ve heard they’re amazing, as well as the hot chocolate. They offer different soy, oat, and rice milks for the smoothie base, which is great. It seems a tad overpriced, but what isn’t these days? I’ll definitely be going back to try one of their smoothies. 




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