Rethinking Meat

March 26, 2009

I think this is why I don’t really like eating meat:


Absolutely disgusting. That’s probably why the corner deli smells like rotting and spoiled meat. After closing for a few months over the fall and winter, they reopened to a smelly start. They posted new advertisements for Halal meat, but what’s the point if it’s rotten? I think that’s what I miss about NJ – the fresh meat (and fresher and cheaper groceries in general). I love having a grocery store right next to me, but again, what’s the point if the fruit isn’t fresh….if the pork chops are smelly…and they sell expired eggs?? At least they take returns without much questioning. 

 Anyway, maybe those images will help you to rethink that next steak you’re about to eat. It’s not meant to be a guilt trip – what you choose to eat is your own business. Sometimes I crave a nice steak, but we really do have to think about where it’s from and how it’s prepared and transported. I support local restaurants like The Farm on Adderly and Pomme de Terre because I trust that their meat is organic, local, and fresh. But I won’t support meat that comes from the corner deli…at least around here.


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